About Us

jth polaroidEvery Thursday and Sunday morning during the months of October through March, the members of Juan Tomás Hounds meet together in the revelry of the beautiful Southwest to enjoy the fellowship of the members, the faithful footsteps of their horses, and the mastery of the Huntsman and his hounds.

Juan Tomas Hounds (JTH) is an organization whose purpose is to provide good sport in the hunting field for its members. Membership is an opportunity for people to share their interests in hounds, hunting, and horses and to enjoy related social activities sponsored by JTH.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of people in Juan Tomas Hounds.

We encourage guests to join us for a hunt to see if they are interested in membership.  Our memberships range from purely social to full family riding.  We are one of the most inexpensive hunts to join in the United States.Hunting is a sport to be enjoyed by all ages from Juniors to Seniors. We have multiple fields for the beginning rider at a slow pace to the advanced rider that loves jumps.

The Juan Tomas Hunt Country consists of areas within a hundred mile radius of Albuquerque.  Our hunt country is as varied as New Mexico, from desert to mountains.  We select hunt sites within a million acre area, and are fortunate in having permission from landowners to hunt on ranches around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  We occasionally take trips to joint meets.  We have built white pipe jumps over wire fences as well as rock and wooden jumps on some ranches; however, for those riders that do not jump, there are always paths around.  We chase coyote, an animal that runs faster than either the red or gray fox.